Friday, April 27, 2012


Materia is the fourth planet around a yellow star just slightly larger than the Sun. It is just a little larger than Earth and orbits a bit further from its host star than Earth's orbit. The atmosphere is very similar to Earth's. There are two moons orbiting Materia. Tali, the larger of the two, is a deep red color due to iron rust on the surface, and Kali is a white color from anorthositic lava flows.

The Materian year is 390.1 days, and the day is about 30 hours. This makes it easy to divide the calendar into 13 months of 30 days (3 weeks of 10 days).

There are 6 continents on Materia. Five of these continents are in the northern hemisphere, and Pendel is the lone continent in the south.

There are 5 intelligent races on Materia, and all of them are capable of using magic to some degree.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Starting this Madness

This blog is a worldbuilding idea-keeper. It might expand beyond just my main world of Materia, but most of the posts are going to focus on Materia. I might change past posts to maintain consistency, so be prepared.. Alright, let's get started.